About us

Majic Beauty... A pursuit in passion and perfection

Welcome to Majic Beauty – Creators of Eye Majic, the world’s quickest and easiest eye shadow to apply.

Ever since Egyptians used khol around their eyes in 4000BC, eye shadow has been and continues to be one of the most used cosmetics. Obviously in today’s world, the technology of cosmetic’s formulation has improved the quality of eye shadow powders so they are more beautiful than ever before. As far as applying eye shadow, Majic Beauty has developed the world’s quickest and easiest application method ever.

Majic Beauty is a privately established company, founded in 1996 by the husband and wife team of Rocky and Grace Mammone. With the unique fusion of Rocky, the entrepreneur, inventor, innovator and Grace, the fashion savvy, worldly cosmetician, Eye Majic came to fruition as a result of their combined creative energies. Based in Melbourne Australia, Majic Beauty continues to expand as it markets its products both nationally and internationally.

Majic Beauty’s core product – Eye Majic – is unique as it offers a dramatic solution to the often tedious and messy application of eye shadow. Having identified that women face a challenge when seeking a fashionable and convenient eye shadow product, Majic Beauty set about find a solution, establishing their very own eye shadow with a state-of-the-art applicator, catering to women who are passionate about exquisite eye make-up. Women who have previously avoided eye make-up, use Eye Majic as it opens a new door to fast, fun and easy-to-apply eye shadow.

In an overcrowded and sometimes chaotic eye make-up market, Majic Beauty represents a fresh approach to eye shadow application; evident in the innovative approach it offers women.